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Child support obligations are critical to your children’s future. Arlington Texas area attorney’s can help you understand your rights and options.
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Normally, the parent with primary physical custody receives child support from the non-custodial parent. This applies even if parents share joint legal custody after divorce. These payments are meant to be used only to provide for the needs of the children. They are not intended for the personal use of the parent. However, the custodial parent retains the right to decide how to use the child support funds.

It’s important to work with qualified child support lawyers in Arlington, TX to help you understand the importance of your child support order and how the court determines the amount of child support that a parent has to pay.

In the event that you require a child support modification or need to enforce a child support order against a parent who is not meeting their obligations, experienced attorneys at a reputable law firm can fight for your legal rights in the state of Texas.

This can lead to child support disputes over how much a parent needs to pay and how a parent is spending the money. In the event that parents cannot come to an agreement about child support arrangements, they will typically seek legal representation and present their case in front of a Texas court judge to make a decision.

Child Support Rules In Arlington, TX

The Texas Family Code sets out guidelines for the court to determine child support obligations. Firstly, the court will determine each parent’s net resources. These include:

  • 100% of wage and salary income and other compensation including commissions and bonuses 
  • Self-employment income
  • Earnings from interests, dividends and royalties
  • Net rental income
  • Any other earnings

Taxes and any expenses paid for insurance for the benefit of your child will be deducted from the amount calculated by the court.

Some other factors that the courts may consider for child support cases in Arlington TX include:

  • Child’s age and needs
  • A parent’s financial ability to support the child
  • Amount of time that the parent has possession and access to the child
  • Childcare costs that either parent has to incur
  • Payment of medical expenses and healthcare insurance for the child
  • Any extraordinary costs required by either parent or the child

Since the courts are allowed to deviate from the typical child support guidelines, you will need to seek a consultation with child support attorneys in Arlington TX to find out the specifics of how the legal guidelines can apply to your case. 

Arlington Texas Child Support Obligations

In general, the court applies a schedule when determining the amounts that a parent has to pay for child support. For one child, a parent generally has to contribute 20% of their net resources towards child support. This increases by every 5% for each additional child to a maximum of five children at 40%.

Ending Child Support in Arlington, TX

Typically, you have to continue paying child support until your child turns 18 or seeks emancipation. Alternatively, if your child opts to serve in the military, the court will view them as an adult. This would allow you to end your child support obligations.

There are other events that can lead to the termination of the child support obligation. For example, someone else may adopt your child. A less common situation is if your child is found to be not your biological child unless you adopted your child.

You will need to make a filing in an Arlington TX court with the help of a law firm to have the judge terminate your child support obligations.

Modifications To Child Support Orders in Arlington TX

Life changes such as job losses or a serious illness could be grounds for modifying your child support orders in Texas. Alternatively, if the other parent now earns much more than they used to or your child develops a medical condition that requires higher healthcare costs, you might be able to request additional child support. 

Enforcing Child Support Orders

Unfortunately, an ex who isn’t paying their child support obligations is a common issue in Arlington TX. You will need to have your lawyers file an enforcement action to the courts if your ex is not making the full child support payment.

Often, courts in Arlington TX can effectively enforce court order payments through various means. One example is having employers withhold a portion of the obligor’s wages. You might also be able to claim other property belonging to the obligor to meet any missed child support obligations.

The Office of the Attorney General can also have professional and driving licenses suspended and report any payments that were missed to credit bureaus. In more severe cases, parents can face civil or criminal contempt charges.

On the other hand, if your ex is seeking to take enforcement actions against you for not paying child support, you may need to engage an experienced law firm in Arlington TX. A good attorney can fight for your rights and protect you from the potentially devastating effects of these penalties.

Experienced Arlington TX Child Support Lawyers

Sean Lynch Family Law is conveniently located near Arlington, Texas for your divorce, child support, and court order legal issues.

Let the award-winning family law attorneys at Sean Lynch law firm help you prepare your case. We make sure that both parents help to provide for the needs of your child. We have years of experience in Texas family law, serving parents and clients throughout the Fort Worth-Arlington-Dallas areas and Tarrant County. Contact us today for a no-cost review and initial consultation.

Child support orders are necessary to ensure that your child’s needs are provided for after a divorce. These needs include your child’s basic needs, healthcare and medical expenses, educational costs, and any costs relating to extracurricular activities. In these cases, child support lawyers can often advise you on the appropriate amount of child support you can get for your child.

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