Ready to Help You Fight for Custody

Child custody issues are some of the most difficult and heated family law matters. We understand the desire of families to find the best solution for their children, and we recognize that the strong emotional bond between a parent and their children can make a difficult decision all the more painful.

The state of Texas encourages both you and your parenting partner to remain in your children’s lives as much as possible. Research shows that the more time children have with both parents, the better they tend to adjust. Sometimes this is not in the best interest of the children. Determining what arrangement serves the best interest of the child varies widely from case to case.

If you and the other parent are unable to determine a plan for possession and access or child support, the court will step in and make the decision for you. Ultimately, a judge will make a decision based on what is best for the child. With our legal team your side, you can rest assured that we’ll work toward a solution that best suits your child’s needs.

Protect Your Family, Future, and Financial Security

The child support guidelines will determine how much support you will pay or receive, but it can also depend on your possession and access. Failure of a parent to take an active role in a child’s life can affect the amount of child support ordered.

Many factors go into making decisions regarding child custody rights and child support. The lawyers at Sean Lynch can help you identify the factors that apply to your situation and help you create an agreement that best suits the needs of your children. Contact us via email or by calling 817-668-6704 to discuss your rights and options today at our office in Fort Worth.