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Fort Worth child support is determined by Texas Family Law Code and approved by your divorce judge.
Fort Worth child support is determined by Texas Family Law Code and approved by your divorce judge.

Protect your rights, as well as your children, with representation from our award-winning child support lawyers.

Texas family courts recognize that raising children is expensive. From food and shelter to healthcare and education, the cost of raising active children adds up quickly and rises dramatically during major life changes. For single parents, keeping up with the steady stream of bills can be downright impossible. Single custodial parents have the right to collect financial support from the noncustodial parent of their child.

If you’re worried about maintaining the life your children deserve because you’re not getting the support you’re entitled to, turn to the experienced Fort Worth child support attorneys at Sean Lynch, PLLC. We can help you enforce your rights, so you can stop worrying!

  • Obtain a new court order to collect child support
  • Enforce child support orders that are being ignored
  • Alter your existing child support agreement to match your new needs

Who Qualifies for Child Support?

If you are the single custodial parent of a child who is 18 years or younger, you are generally entitled to child support. While 18 is the minimum, this age requirement can be extended if the child’s education extends past high school, or if the child is mentally or physically incapacitated.

Sean Lynch’ experience with Texas Family Court puts you in the best position to gain the child support arrangement you are seeking.

The child support lawyers at Sean Lynch, PLLC, are pleased to offer some of the most affordable legal services in Fort Worth and Arlington. Unlike other law firms in DFW, we are up-front about our pricing, so that you know exactly what you’ll pay. 

We are able to offer the majority of our services for an initial retainer of $2500; however, some cases, like uncontested matters or enforcement cases, might be less. Likewise, some cases might require additional upfront funds.

What sets us apart from other attorneys is that we do not bill hourly. Rather, we bill out of the initial retainer based on a flat-rate, per event price structure, which is outlined in your contract. This way, you know exactly what to expect on your monthly bill based on what work has been done in your case. No hidden fees, only up-front pricing.

What Expenses Do Child Support Payments Help Cover?

Child support in Texas is intended to help offset the cost of a child’s basic needs, including health care, education, and living expenses such as food and shelter.

How Much Child Support Can I Receive?

The amount of child support you’re eligible to receive is calculated by several factors. The most important determining factors are the number of children and the monthly net income of the noncustodial parent. 

S + L's award -winning family law attorney's will review your case and prospects for your child's support arrangement.
Sean Lynch’ award-winning family law attorneys will review your case and prospects for your child’s support arrangement.

If the noncustodial parent’s net monthly income is less than $8,500, the following guidelines apply:

  • 1 child: 20% of net monthly income
  • 2 children: 25% of net monthly income
  • 3 children: 30% of net monthly income
  • 4 children: 35% of net monthly income
  • 5 children: 40% of net monthly income
  • 6 or more children: not less than 40% of net monthly income

Can I Modify My Current Child Support Agreement?

Yes. If your situation changes so that it affects the welfare of your child, we can work with the courts to obtain a support modification. We will work with you to document and present evidence that proves the current support order no longer accommodates your families needs.

Am I Entitled to Child Support if I Was Never Married?

Yes. Even if you were never married to the noncustodial parent of your child, or the person has not been actively involved in your child’s life, you are still entitled to child support.

DFW Child Support Assistance

At Sean Lynch, PLLC, we recognize the emotional challenges surrounding child support. When you don’t receive the financial support you are promised, it can be scary, frustrating, and stressful all at once. As your child support attorneys, we will fight to secure the financial support you’re entitled to under the law.

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