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Establishing paternity of a child is a requirement for all Texas family law.
Establishing child paternity is a requirement of Texas family law.

For unmarried parents in Texas, the father does not have legal rights to his biological child until paternity is established. If your role as the biological father of your child is being contested, or if you’re a mother looking to disprove paternity or attain child support, the experienced Fort Worth paternity attorneys at Sean Lynch, PLLC, are here to help.

How Do I Establish Paternity Rights?

Texas courts will require an traditional paternity test from a approved clinic blood draw.
Texas courts require a traditional paternity test from an approved clinic blood draw.

In today’s society, not all parents are married when they have children. While the law does not presume paternity for unmarried fathers, it does provide a clear path for establishing paternity.

In Texas, unmarried parents can immediately establish paternity after their child is born by signing an affidavit at the hospital. This will ensure that the father’s name is written on the birth certificate and that his paternity rights are legally recognized.

If your status as the child’s biological father is questioned, a DNA test may be performed. If the results show that you are indeed the child’s biological father, it will clear the way for us to enforce your paternity rights. If there are issues beyond that, we can file a petition with the court that compels the opposing party to comply.

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The Importance of Paternity Rights

In most situations, it’s a win for everybody when paternity is established.

  • Fathers win because they can now exercise their legal right to visit with and make some parenting decisions regarding their child.
  • Mothers win because they can now file a petition for child support.
  • Children win because they are now eligible to receive legal benefits and financial support from their father, in addition to all of the obvious emotional benefits.
    • Health care from the father’s insurance
    • Social security in the event the father dies
    • A chance to actually build a relationship with their father

When Should I Establish Paternity Rights?

If paternity is in question Texas Code requires proof before any child responsibility is determined.

Whenever possible, our Tarrant County paternity attorneys recommend that paternity is established as soon after the child’s birth as possible. However, paternity can legally be established any time before the child turns 18.

How Can I Disprove Paternity?

It’s not uncommon these days for there to be disputes over paternity. If a mother is asserting that you are the father, and you don’t believe this to be the case, you can file an application with the courts to disprove your paternity through a genetic or DNA test.

DFW Paternity Attorneys

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