Sean Lynch Named One of Top Tarrant County Attorneys for Fifth Consecutive Year

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This is an exciting day for us. I am honored to announce that Fort Worth magazine has selected me as one of the top attorneys for 2021. 

This award is special to us for two reasons. First, this is the fifth consecutive year the magazine has presented us with this award. This tells us that we are continuing to maintain our high standards of excellence. 

Secondand even more gratifyingthe voting was done by other Tarrant County attorneys. To have your peers recognize you as one of the best family law attorneys in Fort Worth and Tarrant County is truly humbling.

An article announcing the award will appear in the magazine’s December issue. 

A Top-Ranked Fort Worth Family Law Knows What Matters Most

Practicing law in real life is not much like what you see on TV.

For one, most cases are handled without going to trial. And when we are in court, there is almost never a big, dramatic, “gotcha” moment. (In fact, lawyers hate surprises.) 

Instead, most of our job is done at our desk. We gather documents, negotiate with the other party’s attorney, submit more documents. To be honest, a lot of the job is not very glamorous. 

But we don’t mind. That’s because we practice family law for a very simple reason: We love helping people. 

Whether it is a simple divorce, a complicated spousal support case, or an emotional child custody issue, we believe it is a privilege to serve others. 

Without a doubt, it is a great honor to have our work formally recognized by other professionals. But the most gratifying part of this job is having a client quietly and sincerely thank us for our work. For us, this is what matters most.  

We Appreciate Our Outstanding Staff and Our Fort Worth Neighbors 

Sean Lynch working in his law firm office.
Sean Lynch is a family law attorney located in the Fort Worth. He serves clients throughout Tarrant County, including HEB and Arlington.

I want to personally thank Fort Worth magazine for once again presenting us with this award. We know they put great effort into their selection process, and we are grateful for their recognition.  

I also want to thank our team at None of these five awards would have been possible without their hard work and commitment to service. 

In addition, I want to recognize Fort Worth. They do a tremendous job promoting businesses in the area, and we love being a part of this vibrant and diverse community. Simply put, Fort Worth is a great place to shop, dine, liveand work. 

Last but not least, I want to thank our clients. We are honored that you chose to trust us with such a huge responsibility. No matter how many cases we have, we strive to make each person who contacts us feel like he or she is our only client. 

A Fort Worth Family Law Attorney Offering a No-cost Case Consultation

As I said, much of an attorney’s job is not very glamorous. But that does not mean it is not important or meaningful. 

One day we may be helping someone win some badly needed child support payments, and the next we are helping someone protect possessions that are rightfully theirs. And every day, we come to work knowing we have the chance to make someone’s life better. 

And we are ready to help YOU, too. If you are dealing with the prospect of a divorce, child custody case, court order modification, or other family law issue, give us a call today at 817-668-5879. We offer a no-cost, 30-minute case consultation. And you will get to see for yourself why we have once again been named one of the top attorneys in Fort Worth and Tarrant County. 

Thank you again to our many clients and to Fort Worth magazine for presenting us with this important award.