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S + L invites you to visit our offices in the fast growing Near Southside Fort Worth community.
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Today, we’re excited to roll out our latest video. As you’ll see, it’s a celebration of our home on the of Fort Worth. It also will help you understand why many people consider us to be two of the the best Fort Worth divorce lawyers and family law attorneys.

Fort Worth Divorce Attorneys on the

We love where we work. Our family law office is located in Fort Worth’s , at 100 Energy Way, Suite 2000. Even though the is a growing and vibrant area, we love that it still has a cozy, community feel to it. 

For example, some mornings, we pop in for a coffee at one of the ’s great breakfast joints. There’s Avoca, Brewed, or the Paris Coffee Shop. It’s nice to be served by someone who recognizes you, and even more fun when to see someone there you know. 

Around lunch, you might find us back near Magnolia Avenue again, grabbing a bite at Benito’s Mexican Cuisine, Fixture, Locavore, or perhaps Heim Barbecue. And don’t get us started talking about Cat City Grill or Melt

You might be thinking, “That’s great, but all that fine dining can be bad for your health.” We’ve had the same thought—which is why we also are grateful to have three of Fort Worth’s world-class health care providers near our law firm: John Peter Smith Hospital, Texas Health Resources, and Baylor Scott & White All Saints Medical. Carter Bloodcare also is right up the street. 

We don’t hope to need any of those fine hospitals anytime soon, but it’s nice to know they are nearby, along with Cook Children’s Medical Center. 

Fort Worth divorce lawyer helping clients throughout Tarrant County

S + L attorney Stephanie Sabelhaus plan case work with staff members
Finding the right attorney for you is critical to the success of your family law case.

When it comes to Fort Worth, TX divorce, one of the things we enjoy most about our jobs is that we get to help people. When we started our law firm 2 years ago, we made a mutual commitment to master our profession. Since then, we’ve successfully handled every type of divorce, from simple cases to complex ones involving custody, child support, division of assets, and more. 

But beyond becoming experts in Texas family law, we also made a commitment to treat our clients differently. Divorce can be a traumatic experience. We know that some firms can make their clients feel like they are simply part of an assembly line. So we made the decision that our Fort Worth family law firm would make the divorce process as smooth as possible for our clients, and give them individualized attention.

Similarly, some firms may leave you wondering, “Did I get ripped off for my uncontested divorce?” So we also made a decision to have the reputation as Fort Worth’s best divorce attorneys. That commitment has paid off: For four consecutive years, we’ve been named a Top Family Law by Fort Worth Magazine. We are honored to be recognized for our service to Tarrant County and the surrounding communities and are committed to being recognized as award-winning family law attorneys in 2021. 

Fort Worth, TX 76110, Divorce & Family Law Attorneys

So when you hire us, you will know your legal costs in advance. You can also be confident that our fees will be lower than many other firms. And unlike some attorneys, we’re not interested in running up your bill. If there are things you can do to reduce your costs, we will tell you when you visit us at our 2812 Street offices. 

Our family law matters approach reflects a core belief of our firm: We treat each client with respect and compassion. That doesn’t mean we won’t be firm with a client from time to time. But the only purpose is to serve you to the best of our ability. As Sean likes to say, “We do everything we can to help our clients with their case. And sometimes, we do everything we can to stop our clients from hurting their case.”

Nothing would make us more proud as to be known as your Texas family lawyers. Helping people is what we do, and we enjoy it tremendously. 

Texas Divorce Attorneys Who Care About YOU

Sean Lynch represent the family law needs of their community of , TX 76110

Another of our core beliefs is that there should be a good reason behind everything we do in serving your legal issues. That’s why our Fort Worth family law office is located in a simple and tastefully updated 1920s Craftsman house located at 2812 St., 76110. We will leave the expensive, high-rise glass buildings to other divorce lawyers in Fort Worth.

Once you’re at our office property, you won’t have to make a long trek from the parking garage to our office—you can just park in the driveway right out front. And inside, you won’t find big, expensive furniture piled up everywhere, just some tasteful, modest pieces. 

The other thing you won’t find in our family law office is dozens of attorneys, paralegals, and secretaries running around. It’s just the two of us and our wonderful legal assistant, Seryn Steffen. Occasionally, you might find a toddler here, too.

In short, we try to bring the same small-town feeling of the southside to our family law practice. In fact, we don’t even have a massive, expensive sign out front. As Stephanie likes to say, “Some divorce firms in Fort Worth want to make people feel impressed. We want to make them feel comfortable.”

Affordable Tarrant County Divorce Attorneys Near YOU

Our location isn’t just convenient for us; it is also more convenient for you. We are easily accessible to almost anyone in Fort Worth. And because we serve clients throughout Tarrant County, our office is easy to get to for people outside of Cowtown. We’re just eight blocks off I-35. (We suggest either the Morningside or Berry street exit.)   

The next time you’re riding an elevator up 25 floors to see an expensive family law attorney, take a moment to consider how our location helps reduce our overhead costs. And how we can then pass those savings on to you. As Sean says, “You shouldn’t have to pay top dollar to get a top-shelf family law attorney.”

Sabelhaus+Lynch: Two of the Best Fort Worth, TX, Family Law Attorneys

Which brings us back to our new video. The footage was shot using a drone, which we thought was really cool—it’s not every day you get to see Fort Worth’s from the air. In less than two minutes, you’ll get to see some of the prominent landmarks of our wonderful community, many of which you may already know.

More important, you’ll also get a sense of why so many of our clients consider us to be two of the best divorce lawyers in Fort Worth, TX. Sean Lynch are divorce lawyers who will provide you with experience and serve you with respect. We are award-winning Fort Worth divorce lawyers on the —near you. 

Check out our new video, it’s only a couple of minutes long. And when you are ready to make changes, we are ready to fight for you. For a no-cost case consultation, contact our Fort Worth family firm today or call 817-668-5879. 

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  • lauradoesstuff andmore ★★★★★ 6 months ago
    Hired Mr. Lynch to represent me in a divorce case. He handled it professionally and answered every question I had during the whole process quickly. He got the court to agree with what I wanted and I am now divorced. Would recommend him … read more to friends and family.
  • Catherine Jones ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    Sean was extraordinary, patient and helpful throughout my lengthy and tedious divorce process. He provided a balance of supportive advocacy and pragmatism in his advice, and helped ensure the outcome was to everyone's benefit. I hope … read more to never need a family law attorney again, but if I do, he'll be the one I call.
  • Hawkeye Roofing & Restoration ★★★★★ 9 months ago
    Sean did a really great job in getting my divorce done. He does care about dads! It would have went a lot smoother if it wasn’t for the other party being difficult but overall I’m extremely happy and would highly recommend.

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